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Privacy Policy

Information obtained by this website and its use:
We will only collect personally identifiable information (such as name, title, company name, address, telephone number, or email address) that you voluntarily provide through our website or in correspondence. Information supplied to us is used only for the purpose of providing requested information to our customers. We do not publish or store online any personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide to us.

This website does not sell, lease, or distribute publicly any personally identifiable information that is voluntarily provided to us, unless otherwise requested. Any personally identifiable information that you voluntarily provide to us will not be stored online.

This website does not generate or send group emails, advertising emails, or unsolicited emails. If you have received an unsolicited email from this domain please disregard it and do not open it, as we can not be held responsible for its content.

Other Important Information:
This website may contain links and lists of Vendors and other Websites. We do not endorse or otherwise accept responsibility for the actions, content and/or privacy policies of those vendors and/or websites.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. We will promptly reflect any such modifications on this page.


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